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Oslo open Wekaf

Filipino martial art is  small art in Norway. But still highly skilled people and in competition abroad the win a lot. I was recommended to try to be a part of a competition in Norway.

Oslo Open Wekaf  my Coach Amund is helping me out

I knew it was a long time since a was a part of competitions. How would my brain work against a lot of good people. Did a still have some speed in my body or was it gone totally.

Softstick semifinal

Did my fighting skills from other systems helped me out or not.

It was a lot of stuff on my mind.

But if I wanted to be a part of it I would also be  a part of how to judge, and I never liked that process. But I managed all part. But what I am really proud of is all the nice people  that is training martial art. I got a lot of new friends and I can learn from them ,, and I always know that they will help me out:)

Learning how to judge  from Master Danny

Learning how to judge from Master Danny


Beeing a judge togehter with higly skilled  Stick fighters is not easy, it's easier to me in the matches