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Footwork is one of the most important elements that you need to learn in Martial Art.

Why do I insist on this? As long as you are, up on your feet you need to move around. If you are going to throw or lock the opponent, then you need to stand in the right position.

It can also be the opposite then you need to prevent the opponent to throw or lock you. This thought is the same when you are kicking or hitting your opponent or the opposite where you do not want to be hit or kicked.

There is always some difference in the standing position but when you do the techniques; your centreline will point against the target.

The beam between your legs is about the distance between your shoulders, and then you take one foot nearly one-step in front of the other. The toes is point in a little different direction, depending of what art you are learning.

I normally train right handed when I training kickboxing and boxing, but I am left handed when I train self-defence. However, the good thing is that I can use both stands when I need to. I have different favourite techniques depending on the stand that I am using.

So try to learn both stands because that will give your opponents big challenges.

Because when they think that they understand your moves, then you changes. They will then need start over again, and then it’s often too late to do something.

All moves need to be done fast, so just start the training at home. Put on some music, and find your own rhythm. When you are getting the legs around. Put up the guard, and keep it in place. When you are able to move around, then slow down and start to include some simple techniques.

Remember it doesn’t have to be big steps. Either your moves are used to get in range or get out of range. It can be backwards, forwards and sides in different angels.

Normally when you move one leg and the other one doesn’t follow, then it goes back in the starting position. If it doesn’t go back in starting position, then the other one is following so you will have moved to a new position.

Footwork means that you can move exactly in the position that you want to be in. However, if you use it right, then it will be a big advantage.

Here is some examples.

The opponent hits you with a jab, and if you are standing in the same position, you get hit rally hard. If you move a little backwards then the maximum power of the hit will be reduced. The opponent have calculated the distance. In worst case the opponent will hit you, but the distance have changed and his power of the jab is over the top.

The opponent his kicking you with a round kick. If you are standing in the same position the opponent will kick you with maximum power. To reduce this with a little footwork is a good idea.

Examples of what you footwork using opponent force (Remember maximum angel on the kicker is the maximum power of the kick):

Step towards the kick and you will block it before it get the maximum of power.

Step against the opponent and the kick don’t hit you, but you are in the dangerous zone. So you need to start using other techniques or get out of the zone.

Step with the kick and the maximum power of the kick is out of range.

Step backwards and the kick is out of reach.

If you use trapping, locking or throwing of a jab attack it is a good way to lead the opponent force past you. I will get in more details here in a short while.