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Low Kicks


There are several art that are training on low kicks, and most of them are useable in self-defence

Mine techniques comes from Thai-boxing, Savate, Whing Chun, Pilipino arts, Silat combined with a lot of other arts. There is a lot of more art or similar techniques from other arts and it’s impossible to mention all. But it’s a start.


Some of the reason for using low kicks in self-defence is:


1:You are not out of balance for a long time.

2:Lowkicks are really powerful.

3:Right use of techniques will take the opponent out of the situation.




There are several types of stop kicks that you can hit like nervous system, skeleton, muscle. Depending on what you want to do. You can use them to stop the opponent attacks, counter the opponent.


Sidekick on the ankle, knee, leg and tight

Front kick with shoes on the toes, leg and knee

Front kick With toes 45 degrees out to get a bigger target area. Very good kick on thigh, Knee(will destroy it) ankle.

Circle frontkick With toes same way as the kick above, but you kick with your toes on the inside of the thigh. It hurts like hell.


Round Kick:

Round kick is a powerfull kick it doesn’t mather if you hit with your leg or toes. You can hit on inside or outside of the thight, knee or sweep. If you have good footwork then you will be able to maximize your power of the kick.



Many people use knee at body or head, but you can also use knee at the opponents thigh. Can be used on front, inside or outside. When you use the kne the normal distance will be closer to the opponent, so be aware of the Counters from the oponent.