Defence  is maybe the most important part of all Martial Art. Why? Because defence is much more than just a block or a counter!

If you can’t defend yourself, then the situation is not under control.

Defence is also a part of the attack, by that I mean to be able to counter or be in the right position of  the opponent to do a counter or attack.

  • Footwork

Footwork is one of the basic part in all martial art, when you learn footwork you will be able to attack, counter or get out of the opponents red zone.

  • Be able to move your body with the hit.

It you think like a boxer, or at least try to think or understand how the boxer always move there body to take  of some of the power in the hits. Remember also that the movement a boxer have also keep it difficult to  hit at all. Then you will understand how it works. If you combined it with the rest of the headlines then you have the advantages against the opponent.

Trening23mars 003BW

  • Blocking

Blocking can be done in a lot of ways depending of the art that you train. Normal is against the force or with the force with big or small movements depending of the art. Some have direct blocks, circle, tapping, and so on. Again there is nothing right or wrong it depends on you basic skills on what you are trained on. But remember when you block try to create openings to your counters at the same time that you block.

  • Counter on attack

Counter on a attack is fast and you need to be able to read the opponent, if you don’t then its to late. A counter can be anything, but if you have focus on the openings that the opponent create when he/she attack you then your are on the right way. Most of us are sending out some signals before we attack. It’s difficult to read on a opponent if the person is really good. Again this is the reason  that the person is good. Combining all the headlines here, and make a lot of counter training drills to make it easier for you self.

  • Centreline «get out of the red zone».

Don’t stay in the centreline of the opponents body, if you don’t need to or intend to. This is a read zone where the opponents power is high and the risk is also high. Use your footwork to stay out of range and use the sides.