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Self-defence training and age

I just wanted to talk about age and self- defence because I think it’s important.

Don’t let age stop you if you are considered Martial Art in any kind.

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Martial Art will keep your body and mind in shape, and if you haven’t trained before then this is a good moment to start.

Self-defence doesn’t depend on high kicks like tornado, spin kick and so on. It’s just a   way to survive in bad situation.

So if you are older a recommend to find a art that use time to train you in  in technically techniques that you can still managed when you are really old. I prefer the Filipino, Indonesian,  Chinese arts. But it’s depending on what you have around you where you are living.

You are not untouchable because you are training self-defence, But you are better prepared to handle a unknown situation if you are training self-defence!

Just one more thing:

It’s not the belt around your stomach that’s saving you, it’s what you are trained on that’s save you.