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Jab Right or Left

The Jab is the arm in front, and no arm is wrong.

So if you are left handed then this can be your advantage in empty hand martial art.

You should be aware of the issue that weapon art often train the opposite way if they have any weapons in their arm. So when the train without weapons they can manage both ways  because they have learned both ways .

The way to get around it is to learn both ways of position.

The jab arm or in other words the arm that is closest to the opponent is the leading arm.

What can the leading arm do?

  • Measure the distance between the opponent and you with regularly hits.
  • Create false openings
  • Make openings
  • Search contact with opponent
  • blocks
  • trapping
  • make take downs entries
  • hit the opponent and keep the opponent busy

This sis just some short key words, and it’s your head that create the openings.