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The name says it all, it’s a kick that you use to stop the opponent coming toward you. The stop kick can be used on all ranges, but I prefer to stop the opponent before the opponent is to close to me.

On the street you normally have shoes on, so this is the starting position. Because some of the kicks is not good to use if you don’t have shoes on.

It’s a lot of kick, I am just gone create some ideas.

  • Toe kick in the leg:

Just kick a low for-kick withe toes in the leg, it’s hurts like hell. This is a low kick and the distance to the leg isn’t long, and you don’t need to kick high.

  • Forkick with ca 45  degrees angle toes pointing outside.

This is a kick that can be used several ways depending on the situation and what you want to use the kick for.

Ex1: Kick right above the knee and you will destroy the knee

Ex2 Kick in the leg, and with good shoes this will stop the opponent

Ex3: Kick on the insight of the thigh or right above the knee. This is a place that will hurt to bee kicked.

Ex4: Kick on the inside of the ankle, and this will take out the ankle.

Ex5: Kick in the stomach, it doesn’t destroy much but can give the opponent a warning.

  • Sidekick Low this is a easy kick especially if you are already standing in a side position. Here are some examples.

Ex1: Sidekick above the ankle on the nearest foot.

Ex2: Sidekick on the leg

Ex3: Sidekick on the knee or right above. This destroys the knee.

Ex4: Sidekick to the thigh, can hurt a lot if you  manage to hit between the 2 big muscles or right on them both.

Ex5: Sidekick on the stomach, of course you can hit higher but I prefer to keep the kicks low.

  • Roundkick low

This is really powerfull kicks, but it can be a problem to manage to stop the opponent, depending on how hard your kicks are.

Ex1: Round kick on knees

Ex2: Round kick on in or out side of the thigh

Ex3: Round kick on the front of the thigh. Normally step to the side to be able to kick the thigh.

More to come:)