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Defending your self

A part of defending your self is to learn how to do it. You can learn a lot of techniques, but if you are not able to use them, or understand how to use them. Then they are useless. I way to get around it is to train a lot of drills. You can train them slowly in the beginning, and then speed up when you have them under control.

After you have trained a lot of drills it’s time to try to implement them in self defense. By that I mean the opponent attacks in different speed and different techniques on different distances, and you should try to defend your self. You will not use one drill but combined techniques from several drills depending of the attach. This is difficult, because you don’t have much time. But it’s important that what you have learned can be used to get out of a dangerous situation.

KaliSikaran is one of the way to do  this kind of drills.