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How to combine arts?

There is no right or wrong with combining different arts, but it’s more difficult to find the advantages from different arts. It is taking longer time  to put different arts together  than using one system. Normally systems have different advantages either on range og techniques, so if you are combing systems that is handle different ranges, then you will get some advantages.

You have to be ready to work a lot to get it to work, and there is always a lot of basic knowledge that you need to learn. After you have got through the basic stuff you need to be able to start using it.

There is a lot of ways to do it.

I like to create different ranges and start to put basic techniques in to it. After I have taken the clearly techniques in to ranges, I start to put the grey zone techniques into my training method. This is techniques  from all the ranges that  match into the same ranges, and then I try to understand the advantages from them.

This is just starting steps because it takes time to make it useful.