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How to able to do a lock

Many of us train locks with a willing partner, and that is a good way to start training locks. In the real world the opponent will try to stop you or counter, and then you will find out that many of the loks is not working as you expected. Hm! There you go, if you don’t belive me, then just try it out with one of your friends.

I hope your experience is the same as mine!

So what can we do to still be able to do locks?

1 Kick or Hit the opponent with what ever you have free just to be able to use your lock.

2 Change lock with movement that is  in the direction that the opponent is trying to get the arm, or move in the same direction and then move back again.

3 Learn lock flows and understand them so you can be able to mix them together.

4 Keep the opponent close to be able to use  all of your power and moment in your locks.

5 Don’t get down on the ground be up if there are more than one opponent.