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Defense against bigger opponents

At the street there hare no one that’s telling you that you can’t beet bigger people. Yes it’s difficult, but still if you know what you are doing. Then it’s possible to survive.

1 Be sure that everything that you are doing is  a part of you self defense  training.

2 Learn about the body structure, there is always areas that hurt no matter of the size.

3 Don’t think that you are going to hurt the opponent. Do it!

4 You have to decide what you are going to do, depending on the opponent.

5 Don’t just do one technique, do several to get the opponent where you want to have him.

6 If you have the possibilities to run, just run as you never done before. It’s always a risk to loose.

7 Don’t fight the opponents power, use it against the opponents.

8 There is a lot of self defense systems, but in the end it’s you that decide the system you want to train. It’s nothing that’s really bad, but the only thing that’s important is if it working for you.