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How hard is it to get control over hand with a knife

Doesn’t mater  if  you are trained or not, a hand with a knife is extreme dangerous. If you can run, then run as fast as you can. If running is not an option, because you have other people with you or just not an option. Look for something to use between you and the knife, it can be anything. A chair, clothes or just what ever you can find. If not you need to try to get control of the knife hand. You will be cut  that’s for sure, but if you get cut on places where it’s not dangerous then you can still continue.

Many people may think that this is not a big issue, then I am sorry to say it is. Because you probably don’t know anything about the opponent.

If you are trying to disarm the opponent and struggle then use dirty hits, lowkicks, slapping, headbut but remember always have control on the knife arm.