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Lifestage of Martial Art

We are all in different stages om our life, and that will also bee seen in Martial Art. I love to see the young boys and girls train, they really want something. Our job is to help them to  get their goals, but it’s also important to not forget that we are not dead yet. I still have my goals, not the same as I had when I was young.

I am stronger than before, and also calmer and better reader. I have used a lot of my time to find a way to adjust my training to have more progress.

8-10 hours with Martial Art training( Kali, Kickboxing ++ everything that interests me)

2 times a week with interval running and strength training afterwords.

3 hours as an instructor, where I am trying to teach what I have learned over the years.

So keep up and find your own way in life:)