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What do you want with your martial art life?

Martial art will be a part of your life or at least if you want to be good, or better that most of the others. You can train but the results come from your efforts and passion. There is no shortcut, it’s just want you want to do with it.

Some will maybe say that you could choose an easy system, but you still have to train the same amount to get better that the other people.

It’s you that decide the limits of the goals that you want to reach, there is no one else that can reach them for you.

There will always be questions, but most of the questions can be answered. You can either find them yourself, or you can look for the answer at other places.

By that I mean find masters that you know have the knowledge about the issue, and they will help you out. If they don’t want to help you out, then they are not the masters for you. My opinion is that a black belt is not really a master if they are not trying to teach or understand what they have learned. Good knowledge comes by teaching, and there is nothing called a bad art just bad masters.

Most of the styles have some weakness, but it’s the masters job to close as many of the weakness as possible. This is called developing the art even if you are training classic arts you will see some changes.

I like to teach, but I still like to learn so I still train arts that I don’t know so much about. Sometimes there are easier to have nothing in the knowledge box, and sometimes opposite. This is depending what I am learning of new stuff.