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What is your goals for your kids?

How do you prefer that your kids are growing up? Either you say that sport is not for my kids or you say that sport is very important for my kids. Is this right or wrong? There are no limits or right/wrong. Doing sports is a part of getting to know yourself and increase the limits. This is very important for all kids, there is no need for competition if they don’t want to do it. The  personal goal is to get to know yourself. There is a lot of studies where the result is positive in all the theoretically stuff, when you are combining sports and education.

I do not want to live through my kids, I want to live with them. They have there own life, but to be a part of their life is important. There is no reason for me to think that they should do as me, but for me training have been a great experience. I can see how happy they are after training, and hopefully they will continue when they are grown up :)!