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There are 2 ways to se the gaps in Martial Art

1: The gaps you se on your opponent.

2: The gaps that you have on yourself.

So how to get control over it. It’s not easy or it can be easy. This is depending on your knowlegde.

Lets look at you as a fighter first, and it’s not depending of the art. Every time you are hitting or kicking you are creating openings. Even if it’s short time  for every technique it’s still there. This is the reason for the instructor are telling you to get your fot down at the ground again after kicking. This is the same when you are hitting, you don’t stay out with your arm it’s getting back in  guard position again. Do not forget that if your are hitting the opponent  the opponent can hit back at you. This is the reason for you to use the footwork that you hopefully have learned. If you are a counter fighter you will always look at the gaps and hit the openings when the risk is low.

The other way to do it is to create false gaps so the opponent will try to hit in the gaps. When you have trained for false openings you have trained for counters. It’s always a chance to get it wrong but if you are good with your counters. Then you will have advantages in the fights.

Know we have talked about looking for openings and create openings, but is still a part left closing gaps.

It’s important to learn how to close your gaps and learn different ways to handle your guard. There is weakness in every guard, but you have to learn them so you can handle the attacks.

It’s not only the guard, it’s the footwork, centerline theory and so on. This is art to get in your mind to be a better fighter:)