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Blocking attacks or escape

If we look through all styles  you will see a lot of different ways to block attacks. So basically it’s a way to stop attacks, and of course when you stop the attacks it’s a way to create openings for counters.

Here is some of the ways to do it:

Block with force against force.

Lead the opponents force in other direction

Counter the opponent before the opponent reach you.

Move your body against the attacker.

Move your body away from the attacker

This can be a lot of different versions of blocks, and you have a lot of levels in this.

«Lead the force in way from your self, or stop it before it reach you.»

There is no right or wrong at all. It’s depending on your background and because you will always try to keep the opponent on the distance you are trained on.

Learn the art you are training, not only the advantage also the weakness. Try to fill the weakness with knowledge from other art, then you will have a good package at the bottom of defense system.